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Berkeley, california

Polyglottist Language Academy




Language Classes for Adults and Children in Berkeley, CA

Welcome to Polyglottist Language Academy!

We are an ultramodern, innovative, and rapidly growing language school that offers outstanding group and individual language classes for adults and children. It all began in 2014 with just two languages, but now we teach five. We provide language classes throughout the year in six sessions, which are each two months long.

We currently offer Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Russian language classes for students of all levels of proficiency, from complete beginners who are interested in immersing themselves in a new language, to those who have enjoyed a long-term relationship with another language. We provide six different levels for each language. For example, if you start taking Spanish classes with us (the same structure applies to other languages we teach), you will take the following classes to become proficient in Spanish:

Spanish Beginner 1 (Part A), Spanish Beginner 1 (Part B), Spanish Beginner 1 (Part C), Spanish Beginner 2, Intermediate Spanish, and Advanced Spanish

All of our language classes are taught by phenomenal language instructors who all hold advanced degrees in languages, linguistics, and/or literature. Our classes all have a casual and informal atmosphere. We prefer small groups of students, as this allow us to provide a personalized and unique experience for each of our students. The minimum number of students in each of our group classes is three, and the maximum is seven.

Our language classes include different aspects of language, such as speaking, oral comprehension, reading, writing, and pronunciation. However, our main focus is the conversational aspect because most of our students learn languages for traveling, working, or studying in other countries. Lessons are offered throughout the year, divided into six sessions, but occasionally we also offer language workshops on various topics.

If you already speak a language other than your native one, you probably know that learning another language not only enables you to speak, read, and write to other speakers of the language, but it also opens up an entirely different world with a diverse culture. With each language learned, an entirely different perspective of the world is gained.  Joining Polyglottist Language Academy will allow you to meet other language enthusiasts and travelers of the world, learn a new language, experience a different culture, or improve the language skills you already possess.

Join our community of language lovers to learn the language of your dreams!



Polyglottist Language Academy is located at

2161 Shattuck Ave., Suites 234-235, Berkeley, CA


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