What are your rates?

The fee is $30/h in all group classes. The minimum number of students in group classes is three.

If there is no minimum number of students enrolled in the class, the class will be canceled and students will be offered a semi-individual rate of $40/h.

The fee in all individual classes is $75.

How can I register for classes at Polyglottist Language Academy?

You can register by going to our page Registration and Payment and follow the directions on that page. If you have question or not sure which level to choose, we will help you to determine your level. You can contact us at info@polyglottistlanguageacademy.com

When do classes start?

We have classes all round the year. Each session is approximately two months (about 8 weeks) But you can join our classes any time if we have space.

What languages are offered?

We currently offer Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Russian. 

What language levels are offered?

We offer six language levels: beginner 1 (Part A), beginner 1 (Part B), Beginner 1 (Part C), beginner 2, intermediate, and advanced (please note the advanced level is not offered every session). 

How often do classes meet and how long do they last ?

Our classes meet once a week but you can sign up for more than one class.  All classes last 60 minutes. 

What if I miss the class?

There are no refunds for missed classes. However, if you miss the class, you can send us an e-mail asking what was covered in class. If you call us or send us an e-mail in advance, we will try to make arrangements for you to make up the class. However, it is only possible if there is the same level available and there is an available seat in that class.

What if I decided to stop my classes?

You can stop classes any moment but we do not give refunds for the payed classes.

When do I have to pay and what kind of payment do you accept?

You have to register and pay before the first class on line. Please pay online through pay pal or by credit card. If you want to pay by personal check or cash, please email us in advance, and let us know. We can arrange for you to pay in person on the first day of a class. 

Contact us at info@polyglottistlanguageacademy.com