Swedish Classes



Please email us at info@polyglottist.com if you want to take a Swedish class.

Varför svenska? Why Swedish? One great reason to study Swedish is its rich syntactical similarity to English. Although Swedish is a Germanic language it is simpler than German and relatively easy for a native English speaker to pick up in a short timeframe. Another great reason to study Swedish would be to gain a better understanding of Swedish and Scandinavian culture. Can language help to explain what makes a country unique, and why Sweden is one of the greenest and most egalitarian countries in the world? In the Swedish language program, we explore not only the language of Sweden but also its culture, food, entertainment and design. We exchange ideas about regional differences (why do they speak so differently in Southern Sweden than in Stockholm?), to talking about Swedish film and popular culture (Why is Kurt Wallander, in the hit Swedish series, _Wallander_, so taciturn?). This course is a great opportunity for anyone planning to travel to Sweden or who has a connection there through family or friends. Vi kommer att tala svenska ... We are going to speak Swedish.



In our complete beginners' course, we focus on the basics of the Swedish language. This includes pronunciation, building up a working vocabulary, and giving students the grammar fundamentals needed to advance toward an intermediate level and fluency. Our guide is the wonderful text by Bengt and Carol Hallgren, From English to Swedish: A Basic Swedish Textbook for English Speaking Students, and its associated set of videos on Youtube meant to improve pronunciation.




This course is for our students continuing from our complete beginners course as well as persons who may already have some fundamentals for spoken and written Swedish. We continue to build our vocabulary in this course through short readings in class conversation. We also work on developing dexterity with knowledge of Swedish grammar rules through writing exercises and by reading short stories and Swedish newspapers. The aim of this course is to develop intermediate-level speakers who can follow normal Swedish as it is spoken in every-day life, and who can communicate successfully when traveling to Sweden.