Russian Classes



The emphasis of our Russian program is to teach students to read, write, and speak Russian in the context of Russian culture and conversation. Our classes focus on vocabulary, dialogue, and cultural experiences to get students immersed and excited about the Russian language. We currently offer two Russian classes but plan on adding more in the future.


(This class will be offered in September/October session.)

This course will introduce students to the Russian language and culture. It is intended for complete beginners or students who have had limited exposure to Russian in the past. Students will learn how to read and write the Cyrillic alphabet and how to talk about themselves, their interests, and their everyday lives. We will also learn about Russian culture by listening to Russian songs, watching cartoons, and sampling Russian snacks in class.


(This class will be offered in September/October session.)

This course is appropriate for students who know how to read and write Cyrillic and know how to have basic conversations about themselves in Russian. Students will expand their vocabulary to talk about the world around them, learn basic grammatical structures like cases, and be able to have longer conversations. The course is conducted almost entirely in Russian.